Friday, 1 June 2012

"Heroes & Generals" | MMOFPS | Free To Play | 

 Try no to loose your shit kids, this game is going to blow your fucking mind! Now you know how the MMOFPSes that you played before all gave you brain cancer when you played them, and fucked your mum while you were a sleep, well this one will do just that but more! This game will not only skull fuck you with guns and headshots, no! This one will give you fucking vehicles to fuck each other with "you can use a tank turret while your gunner friend is sucking you off". And I know what you 12 year old cock suckers are saying "Oh this is just like Battlefield!". But its not, you cock suckers were wrong again, can't emphasize how wrong you are, and you know whats the difference!? Strategic maps! Those 2D crap fests give a sense of meaning to your fucked up miserable life, thinking about how to pay your bills? Well no more! You have a battlefield to run! Fuck! I said battlefield again! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! So to all of you cock sucking peaces of shit out there I give this game a 5 out of 5, go suck a dick you useless greasy fucking fags.

Great! Now I have to type something so it looks nice, this fucking picture couldn't be any smaller! Well I could make it smaller, but then it wouldn't look nice too, how the fuck can you have two difference sizes on one post, are you fucking insane, mother fuckers, mother fuckers, mother fuckers, how much more of this sacred act between a mother and its child do I have to copy past to make it look at least remotely less like a hot sailor with no shirt on, how do I know he is a sailor if he has no shirt on, because only the 6 pack, smoking hot, Latino man are taken into the navy, why, so fucks like you jerk off to it and go serve your country like a patriotic fag you are. The map show how different units move around between strategic point on the strategic map, the orders are given by the commander and the best player of the battle of the strategic point will own the strategic point. Strategy! 


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